[R-SIG-Mac] VTK on OS X

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Thu Jan 29 22:39:10 MET 2004

I have been able to compile a version of VTK 4.4, the Visualization  
with wrapper support for both (Aqua) Tcl/Tk and (Aqua) Python. This
includes the MayaVi front end.

I will wrap it in the next R/TclTk/Python distribution (by loading both  
Rpy and VTK in
a Python session you can combine R and VTK commands in a single
session, and thus do VTK and so on on R objects). Observe that
the current R/TclTk/Python distribution already has native support for  
(although RGtk does not work yet).

Observe that currently Ivo Dinov is teaching 130D for us, which
covers C/C++ but also VTK.

For VTK see http://public.kitware.com/VTK/
For MayaVi see http://mayavi.sourceforge.net//index.html

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