[R-SIG-Mac] Rpy-0.3.4 on OS X (10.3.3)

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Tue Feb 17 08:55:37 MET 2004

Compiles fine, with the usual caveats. gcc on OS X does not know the
-shared flag, so that generates warnings. And then there are many
multiple defined symbols, which prevent the final link of rpy.so. Most
of them occur in different Rpy files, but setenv is both in setenv.so
and in libSystem.dylib. The correct solution is to turn some definitions
into mere declarations by using extern, but the standard hack is to
add -Xlinker -m to the link. This turns all multiple definitions errors
into warnings, and it uses the first definition found by ld.

Otherwise Rpy works fine, from Python Interactive, from IDLE, from
PyShell and PyCrust, and so on, using both the Quartz and X11
graphics devices.


A large package containing R-devel (with 425 packages), Rpy, MacPython
(lots of add-ons too) as well as Aqua/X11 versions of Tcl/Tk, and Aqua
versions of wxWindows, Qt, and GTK-OSX. Moreover there are R
interfaces to X11 Tcl/Tk and GTK-OSX and Python interfaces to
all the native toolkits (including Cocoa). There are also X11 and
Aqua versions of GNU Emacs included.

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