[R-SIG-Mac] Re: R Aqua 2.0.1 interface: what happened?!

Rob J Goedman goedman at mac.com
Wed Dec 29 22:43:35 CET 2004

Hi RenE,

Thanks for your efforts to pinpoint these issues.

Below set of issues have now been fixed (and will be incorporated into 
nightly build 877):

> open -a R.app SS1.R

> The general principle seems to be that a script file that opens a new 
> window should not be sourced too many times. Sounds still quite vague. 
> Below are two crash logs that resulted from opening R.app, sourcing my 
> current script file defining the code I'm currently using and opening 
> a window, then closing that window, and sourcing the file again. The 
> first log/crash arose after sourcing that file just once anew, the 
> second after sourcing it a number of times:

> * Teasing the interface trying to get a crash, I put one Quartz 
> graphics window on my 2nd screen, then opened a new one with the 
> toolbar, moved it around a little, and then closed it through Aqua. My 
> previous Quartz window was warped back to the place on my principal 
> monitor, probably to the default initial position!!
> * Save As, Print and even resizing have the same effect: move the 
> window back.
> * The Zoom button doesn't generate a redraw (as resizing *does*), and 
> repeating the last executed draw command shows that the window sizes 
> are not correctly detected/determined.


It makes no difference if files passed on the command line are to be 
opened in a window or sourced (this option seems not to have any 
effect, BTW). The same command has the expected effect when R.app is 
already running (with the exception of the aforementioned option).

Feedback, as always, is more than welcome. Before adding some features 
to the editor (line
numbers!), I really would like the existing code to be solid.

The font issue on RQuartz is more complicated and a new topic for me. 
I'll take a look early
next year. Once I understand it better, I will enable the font 
selection in the preferences


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