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Rob J Goedman goedman at mac.com
Mon Dec 27 22:23:13 CET 2004

Hi Tiago,

Trying to work through the issues you've raised one by one.

1) Can you please try to click on a doc while you're sure there is no
     .RData file in the working directory. I think what might be 
    is that .RData expects X.11 to be running (if not, R will crash). Or
    you could start X.11 before clicking on the .R file.

2) What are you exactly cut & pasting? From 1 edit window to another?
     From another app or editor to the R editor? Would it be possible 
for you
     to try c&P from a 'good' .R  file in an edit window to another edit 
     Are the c&p blocks very large?

3) This item sounds very similar to an issue I think you raised a 
number of
      weeks ago. Is that right?

4) This one I can reproduce. It happens when no edit window is open. It
      works fine if an edit window is open. I'll look into why.

5) I'll try to reproduce this one. Seems like the text attributes are 
messed up
     and set to the background color.

6) Noted!

7) This one is very weird. Just executing the 1st statement leaves R in 
     unstable state if you try to print the variable it is assigned to. 
Not sure
     what sample(100) means. sample(1:100, 100). I wonder if this is an
     example of the case mentioned in the help page for sample(x) and
     x is variable.

8) Didn't Xemacs come with your original X.11 (the non-Apple one)? I 
      Emacs (from Jan de Leeuw's web page) and this works fine.

After this reply I'll take Tiago's issues off-line unless folks let me 
know they
want to be in the loop.


On Dec 27, 2004, at 5:09 AM, Tiago R Magalhaes wrote:

> Hi to you all and the usual thanks to the people who make this
> wonderful program and also the ones that so generously help people
> like me
> I have been using the editor and have been having some problems.
> Things got much worse two days ago - specially 1) and 3) weren't
> really happening before. All other points were happening very
> frequently. Everything else seems to be working fine in my computer.
> I have very regularly used the nightly build from Simon Urbanek as
> little and very useful things are always improving, but I cannot
> recall whether problems 1) and 3) started with one of those "fresh" R
> applications.
> R.Version():
> $platform
> [1] "powerpc-apple-darwin6.8"
> R.2.01
> PowerBook G4
> OS 10.3.7
> 1) clicking in a .R doocument opens R  but then it crashes
> immediately. It asks me if I want to send a "Bug Report" to apple -
> see text below of that report
> 2) cut and paste to an editor window causes an error: 2004-12-27
> 12:27:03.758 R[363] *** NSTimer discarding exception
> 'NSRangeException' (reason '*** NSRunStorage,
> _NSBlockNumberForIndex(): index (1944) beyond array bounds (1000)')
> that raised during firing of timer with target 3b75e0 and selector
> 'runRELP:'
> 3) sending from the editor to the console (apple-enter) simple
> commands such as:
> t.control='x'
> or library(multtest) causes a syntax error
> typing the exact samething in the console works fine
> I opened my file.R in xemacs and I realize that the lines that give
> me an error start "invisibly" with some ^
> I CANNOT see these symbols in the editor window and deleting the
> spaces doesn't help
> to be clearer:
> what I see in the editor window:
> library(siggenes)
> what I see in xemacs:
> ^_^^^^library(siggenes).
> Not all the lines have these symbols at the beginning.
> This is what is most likely causing the error when I send the call to
> the console
> 4) opening a new window (apple-n) causes R to crash - this happens
> frequently but not all the time
> 5) The other issue that I get very frequently is that the editor
> window goes blank. The text is still there - if I select it it
> becomes visible, but it keeps disapearing. I cannot pinpoint when
> exactly this happens or what is the action that causes it.
> 6) the welll known problem with the undo control having an "extreme"
> behaviour is also a major problem - I know it's not easy to solve -
> but just to point out that it is indeed a relevant issue to some
> people
> 7) this happened just once, so I don't know how relevant it is to
> help in the diagnostic: typing in the console:
> xx=data.frame(x=sample(100), y=sample(100))
> xx=stack(xx)
> xx
> 2004-12-27 11:31:26.063 R[3797] *** NSRunStorage,
> _NSBlockNumberForIndex(): index (4655) beyond array bounds (2000)
> 8) not really related to R, but maybe someone can give me a pointer
> to the following: I can get xemacs running if I type in the terminal
> xemacs. But if I open X11 and type xemacs I get: "bash: xemacs:
> command not found". A while ago I had Darwin running as the X11 and
> thanks to very helpful people in this list I replaced it with the
> Apple newer version. With Darwin xemacs run simply typing xemacs (in
> the same way that it does now from the terminal)
> * bug report to Apple (from 1) )
> Date/Time:      2004-12-27 11:43:37 +0000
> OS Version:     10.3.7 (Build 7S215)
> Report Version: 2
> Command: R
> Path:    /Applications/R.app/Contents/MacOS/R
> Version: 1.02-pre build 863 (1.02-pre build 863)
> PID:     3826
> Thread:  0
> Exception:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
> Codes:      KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x00000009
> (much longer report that I can send if it's of any interest)
> 	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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