[R-SIG-Mac] user environment not respected by GUI

joerg van den hoff j.van_den_hoff at fz-rossendorf.de
Thu Dec 23 09:42:00 CET 2004

only a tiny problem:
the search path for system (unix) commands in the GUI differs from the 
path of the user, as I noted when trying to generate a file list for 
further processing with something like

R> flist <- system("locate *.dat",intern=T)

that works fine (even without protecting the `*'...), problem was, that 
the command uses obviously /usr/bin/locate, despite the fact that in my 
user search path /sw/bin/locate is found before /usr/bin/locate (and 
uses a different default database). I have now simply specified the 
absolute path but it would be nicer to have consistent search paths for 
system commands (I possibly would'nt have noticed, if the other locate 
database would have contained older versions of equally named data files 
(with possibly obsolete content) and _that_ could cause trouble).

so, within the GUI I get

R> system('echo $PATH')

i.e. $HOME/.profile (or in my case .cshrc) are bypassed.

question: where is the search path set for the GUI? can I change it?


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