[R-SIG-Mac] Re: R bug in edit

Tim Cole tim.cole at ich.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Dec 22 23:38:36 CET 2004

R for Mac OS X Aqua GUI written by:
	Stefano M. Iacus
	Simon Urbanek

R: Copyright © 2004
	The R Foundation
	for Statistical Computing

	Cocoa Quartz device derived
	from a Byron Ellis' work

	Preferences pane based on
	AMPreferencePane classes by
	Andreas Mayer

This version:
	Version 1.01

	R  2.0.1 (2004-11-15)
	Framework Version

Please send feedback to:
	R-SIG-Mac mailing list
	(see https://stat.ethz.ch/mailman/listinfo )
	also see R webpages for details

At 11:20 pm +0100 22/12/04, stefano iacus wrote:
>Hi Tim,
>thanks for your report.
>I'm forwarding this to R-sig-mac mailing list. 
>Can you also tell us which version of the R.app 
>are you using? (see the about box)
>On Dec 22, 2004, at 8:12 PM, Tim Cole wrote:
>>My current R version is:
>>          _
>>platform powerpc-apple-darwin6.8
>>arch     powerpc
>>os       darwin6.8
>>system   powerpc, darwin6.8
>>major    2
>>minor    0.1
>>year     2004
>>month    11
>>day      15
>>language R
>>System Version:	Mac OS X 10.3.7 (7S215)
>>Kernel Version:	Darwin 7.7.0
>>I'm using the toolbar button to edit a script. 
>>Every so often the last part of the script 
>>disappears (although the cursor can move over 
>>the missing text), and each time I mouse-click 
>>a string of error messages appears in the R 
>>console window. Each error message (in red) is 
>>of the form:
>>2004-12-22 17:10:38.903 R[1383] *** Assertion 
>>failure in -[NSMutableRLEArray 
>>2004-12-22 17:10:38.904 R[1383] Access invalid 
>>attribute location 1680 (length 1680)
>>On at least one occasion the text disappeared as I deleted a string.
>>The last time this happened I closed the window 
>>without saving and opened it again. The last 
>>part of the text was still not showing. I then 
>>closed it, opened another script and closed it, 
>>and opened the original one again. This time 
>>the whole text was visible, and I was able to 
>>edit it.
>>I was also not able to source the script using 
>>the toolbar button for a time. The R console 
>>initially hung, but later timed out (or 
>>something else happened) and the '>' prompt 
>>I hope this makes some sense to you ...
>>Best wishes for the Season,
>>Tim.Cole at ich.ucl.ac.uk   Phone +44(0)20 7905 2666  Fax +44(0)20 7905 2381
>>Paed Epidemiology & Biostats, Institute of Child Health, London WC1N 1EH, UK

Tim.Cole at ich.ucl.ac.uk   Phone +44(0)20 7905 2666  Fax +44(0)20 7905 2381
Paed Epidemiology & Biostats, Institute of Child Health, London WC1N 1EH, UK

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