[R-SIG-Mac] Speaking of GUIs on the Mac...

stefano iacus jago at mclink.it
Wed Apr 28 12:39:59 CEST 2004

Surely, I wanted just to fix at least the problems with  async logs.

On Apr 28, 2004, at 11:56 AM, Simon Urbanek wrote:

> On Apr 27, 2004, at 4:21 PM, Byron Ellis wrote:
>> Are Stefano and Simon going to unveil the reason for the mysterious 
>> bundle loading code present in the Aqua module now that we've passed 
>> the 1.9.0 mark? An iTerm-based console perhaps? Something even 
>> cooler? Pluggable interfaces? We burn with curiosity :-)
> Stefano, can't we make a R-sig-mac-only release of the Cocoa stuff? 
> Just for those few interested ;)?
> Byron, conception-wise we have a pluggable interface (it's not 100% 
> clean yet, because we still need to replace some Carbon stuff - think 
> of all the objects browsers, editors and similar bells and whistles 
> that Carbon R had), and a nice Cocoa implementation of the basic 
> console. The Cocoa code includes the Obj-C interface to R (we use it 
> e.g. in code completion part) that I was speaking of while ago. 
> Currently the main problem are time constrains (especially on my side) 
> since a real release would need more polishing. Also synchronization 
> issues between threads aren't resolved yet (need to modify Quartz for 
> that).
> Event loop stuff is still not sorted out and I doubt it will be any 
> time soon (both technical and time constraints). OT: In that respect 
> my biggest hope is our JGR project which in the end will provide and 
> integrate seamlessly all: GUI, graphics and widgets (first private DP 
> release for Mac and Win is expected this week).
> Cheers,
> Simon
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