[R-SIG-Mac] Quartz() Device with R via ESS

Jake Bowers jbowers at csm.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 9 10:32:39 MEST 2003

Hi All,

RAqua looks great! Despite it's beauty, I still find myself most
comfortable using R in Emacs via ESS. Up to now I've just started Apples
X11 server and used the x11() device for graphics. With this new release
of R I tried to start the quartz() device but it said I must use the RAqua
gui for this. Is there any way around this? Is there any way to use R the
"old-fashioned" way in Emacs (or at the console) but also use the
beautiful quartz() device? I'd love to not have to use up system resources
starting an X server to look at my plots.

Thanks very much,

Jake Bowers
Dept of Political Science
University of Michigan

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