[R-SIG-Mac] moving from fink to self building

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Wed Jul 16 14:36:40 MEST 2003

On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 09:07 AM, Andrew Beckerman wrote:

> Dear listers -
> I have been using R from fink over the past few builds, happily, but  
> it seems that it pays to know the build process for yourself, given  
> that the time until a new R build reaches stable in fink can be quite  
> awhile.
> So a few questions from a Unix neophyte.
> With fink installed, and R installed via fink, all dependencies - i.e.  
> dlcompat, readline and gcc - the list of required stuff on Stefano's  
> page - are all in place, but perhaps the wrong place (sw?). Is that  
> correct?
> Question 1.
> If one has the fink installation, does one need to install all of the  
> pieces from the stefano website in /usr/local?

If one has the fink installation, but does not want to use it anymore,  
mv /sw to /sw.tmp
while building R, and install what is needed in /usr/local
> Question 2.
> If the answer is yes, does it matter that you might have for example,  
> dlcompat in two places?

No, that does not matter. Dynamic builds know where their libraries sit.

> Question 3.
> Jan suggested the following answer to the most frequently asked  
> question about getting R to start from the home directory: put the  
> line : setenv PATH /usr/local/bin:{$PATH} into your ~/.tcshrc file.   
> Will this work even if you have the fink installation of R as well?  I  
> seem to recall that fink sets up its paths for you....

If you want to continue using fink for other stuff, just insert this  
statement in ~/.tchsrc
after fink sources its startup script. But a warning is in order:  
populating /usr/local
eventually means conflicts with /sw -- which is the reason some of us  
have been
happy to get rid of imperialistic fink. The way to do it is if you are  
doing fink
things, then mask /usr/local by calling it /usr/local.tmp, if you are  
building Python,
or Emacs, or R from source, mask /sw. But of course you are bound to  
forget to do
this at some point,

> cheers
> andrew
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