[R-SIG-Mac] moving from fink to self building

Andrew Beckerman a.p.beckerman at stir.ac.uk
Wed Jul 16 18:07:04 MEST 2003

Dear listers -

I have been using R from fink over the past few builds, happily, but it 
seems that it pays to know the build process for yourself, given that 
the time until a new R build reaches stable in fink can be quite awhile.

So a few questions from a Unix neophyte.

With fink installed, and R installed via fink, all dependencies - i.e. 
dlcompat, readline and gcc - the list of required stuff on Stefano's 
page - are all in place, but perhaps the wrong place (sw?). Is that 

Question 1.
If one has the fink installation, does one need to install all of the 
pieces from the stefano website in /usr/local?

Question 2.
If the answer is yes, does it matter that you might have for example, 
dlcompat in two places?

Question 3.
Jan suggested the following answer to the most frequently asked 
question about getting R to start from the home directory: put the line 
: setenv PATH /usr/local/bin:{$PATH} into your ~/.tcshrc file.  Will 
this work even if you have the fink installation of R as well?  I seem 
to recall that fink sets up its paths for you....


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