[R-SIG-Mac] R-1.7.1 with new gcc-3.3

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Tue Jul 8 10:54:27 MEST 2003

If you want to build Darwin/X11 R with Apple's new gcc-3.3, then this is
possible. In fact, you can even set MACOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET
to 10.2 (and thus use weak libraries) and you will no longer
see the irritating warnings about /usr/local/include. Follow Stefano's
instructions at


but use Gaurav Khanna's g77-3.3 instead of 3.1

Make sure you have /usr/bin before /usr/local/bin in your path. Then do

sudo gcc_select 3.3
setenv FPICFLAGS -fno-common
setenv LDFLAGS -lcc_dynamic

configure --with-tcl-config=/usr/local/lib/tclConfig.sh  
--with-tk-config=/usr/local/lib/tkConfig.sh --enable-R-shlib  
--with-blas='-framework vecLib' --with-lapack

Then build and install. Although configure still indicates
some problems with the fortran compiler, this build passed all
checks. It is supposedly faster, but I have not tested this.

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