[R-SIG-Mac] Warning about Apple developer patch to Dec 2002 tools

Byron Ellis bellis at hsph.harvard.edu
Wed Jul 2 14:00:49 MEST 2003

Actually, it would appear that g77 3.1 is busted in general with the  
update. I've got a non-fink g77 (the same one that Stefano recommends  
on the RAqua beta test page IIRC) and its busted too...

If Jan is reading this thread, maybe he can suggest something?

On Tuesday, July 1, 2003, at 10:48  PM, Tom Kennedy wrote:

> The recent patch to the Apple 2002 tools, which includes the gcc 3.3  
> compiler
> also installs a new assembler. Although the default gcc can be  
> switched, the assembler
> cannot.
> g77 3.1 or 3.3 from fink appear not to be compatible with this new  
> assembler.
> see  
> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/ 
> forum.php?thread_id=2680195&forum_id=2056 for reference.
> Tom Kennedy
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