[R-SIG-Mac](Carbon) R 162 patch

Stefano Iacus jago@mclink.it
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 22:50:06 +0100

I have just uploaded on CRAN a patch for Carbon R 1.6.2. The file is 
called rm162_patched.sit and contains only the R binary. Just repleace 
this with the original one you already have.

This patch fixes the problem with the cross-platform bug introduced in 
R-1.6.2 concerning read.table() see PR#2485. The patch (by Brian Ripley 
and me for the Carbon side) works for Darwin R too.

I have also updated the full archive of rm162.sit that now has a file 
date of Jan 22. You don't need any patch if you download this.