Stefano Iacus jago@mclink.it
Sat, 7 Sep 2002 14:33:01 +0200

I have now finished to write a (prototype) Aqua module for Darwin R.

All that you need is now in today's CVS repository of R-devel. You 
should also wait tomorrow and download the daily R-devel snapshots from


because R-devel_2002-09-06.tar.gz does not contain some scripts.

You'll find instructions on how to build, install and launch this still 
experimental version of RAqua that allows the interaction with the new 
Quartz  device "quartz()" and the workspace browser 

The instructions can be found inside


but essentially there are three steps

1) configure and build

./configure --with-aqua --without-x

(I'm not sure it --without-x is necessary)

2) to install "RAqua" in the Applications folder just execute one time


from inside src/modules/aqua directory

3) to launch "RAqua" type, from anywhere

sh /Applications/RAqua.app/Contents/MacOS/R --gui-aqua

Even if you see the RAqua application in the Applications folder, is 
useless to double click on it.

Building is based on fink stuff, so if you are able to build previous 
versions of Darwin R you should be able to build this one as well.

I do not have Jaguar yet (probably next week, but it will be too late), 
so if any of you can try to build and run this under Jaguar I'll be 

General remarks: I released the code in order to stimulate contributions 
from other Darwin R developers. In particular, at moment, the R Console 
is necessary to have a working event manager (i.e. responses from the 
graphic device and other windows).

In the future, as R process event suite is going to change, I can 
hopefully avoid the use of such R Console and use a standard shell but 
I'm also thinking of some other trick for the meanwhile.

RAqua it still marked as "experimental" so don't expect too much.