[R-SIG-Mac]splancs library does not work

A.J. Rossini rossini@u.washington.edu
02 Aug 2002 10:20:08 -0700

>>>>> "stefano" == Stefano Iacus <jago@mclink.it> writes:

    stefano> Hy Jean,
    stefano> both packages are now on CRAN. I remind you that they are under the
    stefano> directory

    stefano> /bin/macos/contrib/rm151

Stefano - are these binary or source builds?

    stefano> On Venerdė, agosto 2, 2002, at 12:04 , Jean-Pierre Gattuso wrote:

    stefano> Hi:
    stefano> I have downloaded the splancs library from CRAN but cannot make it
    stefano> work. I have done as I usually do: put the folder into
    stefano> Applications:rm151:library folder. I noticed that splancs required the
    stefano> stepfun and chron library. I donwloaded and installed chron as
    stefano> described above.

    stefano> below is the output I get:

    stefano>        > library(stepfun)
    stefano>      > library(chron)
    stefano>        Warning message:
    stefano>        Package  `chron' contains no R code in: library(chron)
    stefano>  > library(splancs)
    stefano>      Warning message:
    stefano>        Package  `splancs' contains no R code in: library(splancs)

    stefano> Do you have any idea about what I am doing wrong?

If they are source builds (this can happen when you treat source
packages like binaries), you will have to install them (i.e. R INSTALL
packagefile) from the command line (I'm assuming OS X, Darwin build,
not sure about the native build).


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