[R-SIG-Mac]around old MacOS support

Stefano Iacus jago@mclink.it
Wed, 14 Nov 2001 11:56:53 +0100

Thank you all for your comments. I'll take them into account.

My message was a bit provocative and it reached the target probably :)

The real essential of what I meant was that: probably after 1.4 I'll not 
improve any further the Carbon Gui, I'll just recompile every release of 
R but very few bug fixing at each release. I probably will do that since 
the R kernel will not be substantially changed (release 2.x ? let's see.)

Recompiling packages and R kernel is highly time consuming (trust me) 
and in same sense I enjoy it anyway, but it is a matter of fact that new 
iMacs are shipped since july with the OSX pre-installed. Old MacOS apple 
environments (like MPW for example) have been freezed as apple want 
developers and people to work on OS X.

Probably I'm wrong, but people with old hardware that cannot objectively 
switch to OS X are probably limited in the choice of applications 
available just now. Professionals or university depts have to switch 
sooner or later (I guess sooner) to OS X otherwise they will be obliged 
to work with old releases of applications (and so why not with an old 
release of R ?).

Of course this is my opinion. But let's take open in this SIG this