[R-SIG-Mac]R 1.3.0 for MacOS 8.6 -> X

Stefano Iacus stefano.iacus@unimi.it
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 11:24:41 +0200

A binary distribution of R-1.3.0 to run on Macintosh PowerPC machines 
with System 8.6 to OS X is available at


Stefano M. Iacus
(for the R-core team)

                 Macintosh-specific changes to R

* Fixed a bug when saving from menus
* Added module support
* Fixed a bug that crashes R under System 8.6 due to a calling
   to a non-existent function under 8.6
* Stack and memory settings changed to work on System 8.6
* R main project file and packages project files have been changed
* Added back the "Save" menu
* file.choose() works correctly now
* Now R takes track of file names associated to each window
* Fixed a bug with printer dialog
* Now R can handle "user breaks" in evaluation and printing loops