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Marine Spatial Modeler/Quantitative Ecologist position

Full-Time/Exempt (Salaried) contract position with CSS-Dynamac (40 hrs per week)

Job ID: 2016-1790
Location: Silver Spring, MD, USA; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS)
Posted Date: 11/29/2016
Category: Science/Engineering
Security Clearance Level: National Agency Check (Client Initiated)

Apply for this job online at: https://jobs-consolidatedsafety.icims.com/jobs/1790/marine-spatial-modeler-quantitative-ecologist/job

Position Description:

CSS-Dynamac is seeking highly qualified candidates for two Marine Spatial Modeler/Quantitative Ecologist positions on an interdisciplinary research team of contract and federal employees. The integrated research team will support the NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) Biogeography Branch (http://coastalscience.noaa.gov/), which is a nationally recognized scientific research program that conducts spatial ecological analysis, statistical modeling, ecological forecasting, and predictive mapping to support marine ecosystem management, conservation, and spatial planning. Up to two candidates will be employed by CSS-Dynamac to work on site at the NOAA National Ocean Service in Silver Spring, MD.

We seek candidates with demonstrated expertise using scientific programming languages (R, Python, Matlab) to fit a variety of advanced spatial/spatiotemporal statistical models to marine ecological data � including both physical and biological aspects of marine and coastal ecosystems. Experience in marine sciences is strongly preferred, however, candidates with strong backgrounds in spatial/geostatistical environmental modeling will also be considered.  Successful candidates will help conceive and implement solutions to large, complex spatial and spatiotemporal ecological modeling challenges, including modeling of species� distributions, marine wildlife survey data, and/or physical, oceanographic, and geological aspects of marine habitat. Examples of potential projects include spatial and spatiotemporal modeling of corals, seabirds, marine mammals, fish, seafloor habitats, estuarine and coastal habitats, and marine ecosystem structure (e.g., connectivity, biodiversity) in a variety of US jurisdictions.

Core responsibilities:

- Provide statistical, computational, and analytical support for projects that use predictive models, in conjunction with large ecological survey, habitat, and environmental databases, to provide spatially-explicit maps to address questions of marine management and conservation relevance;
- Conduct marine environmental data-mining, assimilation, and integration;
- Contribute to peer-reviewed publications, presentations, and technical memoranda;
- Provide statistical guidance and scientific programming skills to team members;
- Travel to federal and state laboratories, academic institutions, and field missions as part of collaborative research projects (<10% of time).

Qualifications and Experience:


- Minimum of Master�s degree or equivalent experience in Quantitative Ecology, Applied Statistics, Geography, Oceanography, or similar highly quantitative field;
- High level of expertise executing spatially-explicit models in R, Matlab, and/or Python (a code sample may be requested to demonstrate proficiency);
- Demonstrated ability to independently identify, analyze, and solve complex spatial statistical modeling challenges, working with large data sets and computationally complex tasks;
- Demonstrated excellent written and oral scientific communication skills;
- Ability to work effectively in a dynamic, fast-paced, team-oriented, multi-project, multi-disciplinary environment;
- Non-U.S. citizens must possess current documentation authorizing employment in the United States and meet the minimum security requirements for access to federal facilities;
- A National Agency Check and Inquiries (NACI) background check and fingerprinting will be required.


- Expert R programmer, with skills in at least one additional relevant language (Matlab, Python);
- Ph.D. or additional research experience beyond Master�s;
- Experience with a range of statistical modeling techniques including machine learning, geostatistics, mixed models, and/or hierarchical Bayesian approaches, and corresponding model selection, skill assessment, and uncertainty characterization;
- Knowledge of marine science and marine ecosystems;
- Experience analyzing marine ecological and/or habitat data;
- Experience with parallel and high-performance computing in cluster or cloud environments;
- Record of academic publication;
- Ability to go to sea aboard a research vessel.

Apply for this job online at https://jobs-consolidatedsafety.icims.com/jobs/1790/marine-spatial-modeler-quantitative-ecologist/job

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