[R-jobs] 2 job postings: Data Scientist­ Data Preparation AND Entry ­Level Marketing Statistician (San Diego, CA)

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2 job opportunities: Data Scientist- Data Preparation AND Entry-Level Marketing Statistician

(San Diego, CA)

Salford Systems is an advanced data mining software and consulting company based in San Diego, California. We enjoy an open, creative environment, and have developed an international reputation for cutting-edge technology. Salford Systems is affiliated with several of the world's greatest scientists in the field of machine learning, and leads the data mining industry with exciting, innovative products.

Please send resume, wage history and requirements to HR using salford­systems.com.

R-related qualifications:

·         Minimum qualifications include:

o   Masters Degree in Statistics or related

o   2 years relevant work experience including statistical software (R, S­Plus, SAS, or similar), databases and scripting languages (such as Python). (Marketing Statistician, Data Scientist)

o   Ability to work with raw data sources in a variety of formats (Data Scientist)

·         Responsibilities may include:

o   Working with our technical and marketing departments to prepare data that will be used for promotional projects and consulting projects  (Marketing Statistician, Data Scientist)

o   Scraping, merging, cleaning, formatting and repurposing of publicly available datasets.(Marketing Statistician, Data Scientist)

o   Add classical statistical approaches to data mining approaches to enhance our consulting projects. (Marketing Statistician)

·         Preferred qualifications include:

o   Ability to add open­source and classical statistical approaches to data mining approaches to enhance our consulting projects and participation in data mining competitions. (Data Scientist)

·         Link to full job descriptions:

o   Marketing Statistician: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/56c652f0746fb9697855ecc2/t/56c6944762cd9453ad11d58e/1455854664623/MarketingStatisticianjobdescription.docx.pdf

o   <http://static1.squarespace.com/static/56c652f0746fb9697855ecc2/t/56c6944762cd9453ad11d58e/1455854664623/MarketingStatisticianjobdescription.docx.pdf> Data Scientist- Data Preparation: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/56c652f0746fb9697855ecc2/t/56c6948601dbae8adb1ca38c/1455854728915/DataScientistjobdescription.docx-4.pdf

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