[R-jobs] R&D Statistician For Target Discovery in Cambridge Mass, USA

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Sat Dec 17 19:45:11 CET 2011

Pfizer is looking for a statistician with experience in early drug discovery
in Cambridge Mass, USA.

The position is part of a team which develops and  uses computational and
statistical approaches to discover disease targets by deriving knowledge of
biological processes from large datasets (e.g., expression profiling and
other 'omics' data sets).

The statistician will also have a pivotal role in designing biological
experiments to validate potential targets and discover  'fit for purpose' 

The candidate should have significant experience in these areas and, most
importantly, should have strong non-technical skills (e.g., fostering
collaborative interactions with scientists).

Experience in neuroscience is beneficial.

If interested, please go to


and search for job code 957686.

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