[R-jobs] Statistics and Bioinformatics Positions, Novartis Molecular Diagnostics, Cambridge MA USA and Basel, Switzerland

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Fri Dec 10 10:46:37 CET 2010

Dear all -

   My group at Novartis is looking for statisticians,
   bioinformaticians, or R programmers to support molecular
   diagnostics, with open positions in Cambridge MA, USA (priority)
   and in Basel Switzerland (possible).  We do a range of data
   analyses across product lifecycle (research, tech dev, clin dev,
   market access) to support the development of prognostic and
   predictive diagnostics.

   And of course, our main computational platform is R (using Emacs /
   ESS / org-mode for workflow, SNOW and add-ons for computation,
   etc), on a mixture of Microsoft and Linux workstations and

   Knowledge of "classic" experimental design/DoE methods,
   bioinformatics (BioConductor), and visualization is required.
   Experience in IVD development is a big plus, strong R programming
   skills including working knowledge of ggplot2, plyr, reshape;
   awareness of BioConductor is required.  Must be client and team
   oriented, willing to use SAS and similar other tools as needed to
   get the job done.  Communication skills are important.  Interest
   and awareness of Common Lisp and Knowledge Management, is a plus.

   If the description is interesting and you think you can fill the
   requirements, please consider applying electronically on the
   Novartis careers WWW site

   More details and requirements can be found on the above site by
   searching by Job ID,

   72289BR (Cambridge)
   69554BR (Switzerland)

   If there are questions about details after reading this email and
   the position descriptions, I can be contacted directly.


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