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Statistician in a systems biology team focused on metabolic disorders such
as diabetes and obesity.

The position is part of a statistics group supporting Pfizer global research
and development.

Role and Responsibilities:

The statistician will be an integral member of a systems biology team which
develops and/or uses computational and statistical approaches to manage and
derive knowledge of biological processes from large biological datasets
(e.g., expression profiling, and other Œomics¹ sets).  In this role, he/she
will share accountability for achieving team goals focused on:
* Drug target discovery
* Early biomarker discovery
* Pathway understanding and mechanistic insight
Teams will consist of computational biologists, geneticists, statisticians
and bioinformatics specialists.
These statistician positions are unique in requiring a substantial working
knowledge of biology.  This is necessary in order to collaborate effectively
with biologists in the design of appropriate experiments that will
effectively elucidate the biological processes underpinning metabolic
The statisticians¹ contributions to meeting team goals will come in the
areas of experimental design, data analysis and data interpretation.   They
will also include assessment of the quality of external databases from a
statistical perspective.

* M.S. or Ph.D. in Statistics or Biostatistics

* A minimum of two years statistical consulting experience in applying
statistics to the understanding of biological systems, preferably in a
laboratory science environment

* Strong initiative, excellent interpersonal and communication (written and
verbal) skills

* Understanding of inference and probability; competence in contemporary
linear modeling including mixed models, particularly longitudinal models;
nonlinear regression; and predictive modeling (e.g. random forests, support
vector machines).

* Solid understanding of experimental design particularly as it applies to
experiments producing high dimensional data (e.g. gene expression,
proteomics and rtPCR)

* Strong computational skills in R, S-plus or SAS

* Biological knowledge including more than superficial understanding of cell
and molecular biology and genetics.
Preferred candidates will have:
* Formal training in, or thorough understanding of, human physiology
particularly metabolic systems and cardiovascular biology

* Additional computing skills in scripting languages, such as perl, python,
UNIX shell scripts or others.

To Apply:

Go to 


and choose "Find a Career at Pfizer" on the left and click on "Apply". This
position can be found by searching for Job ID 937467.

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