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Tue Jan 29 13:37:44 CET 2008


We're looking for a number of people to join our group (Applied
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics -- ACBB) and applying state of
the art techniques (see for example, xmap.picr.man.ac.uk) to integrate,
analyse and interpret datasets arising from the latest generation of
microarrays (including exon, SNP and tiling arrays), quantitative
mass-spectrometry and next generation sequencing.

We write a lot of Bioconductor and R code - hence my posting to this list...

I've included brief details below -- there's more information in the jobs
section of our website (http://bioinformatics.picr.man.ac.uk)



Postdoctoral Scientist - specialist in transcription

A position is available a computational biologist with significant
experience analysing high throughput genomic data including, for example,
expression, tiling and SNP arrays, to develop novel software and strategies
for the latest generation of genomics data.

Postdoctoral Scientist - pathway specialist

A position is available for a computational biologist interested in building
integrated models of gene expression from high throughput genomics data,
including microarrays and quantitative proteomics.

Postdoctoral Scientist - specialist in sequence analysis

A position is available for a biologist with significant experience in gene
prediction and genome sequence analysis.

Bioinformatics Programmer

A position is available for a software engineer to build novel databases and
Bioconductor/R software for the analysis of biological data.

The deadline for all positions is Monday 8th February 2008. Dear all,

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