[R-sig-hpc] Intel Phi Coprocessor?

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Mon Jun 10 18:17:39 CEST 2013


You are making a lot of assertions here.  As an empirically-minded
investigator, should you not simply be _profiling_ a lot more?

For what it is worth, Armadillo [a C++ library for linear algebra I like a
lot and connect to R via RcppArmadillo] just added SSE2 operations if and
only if -O3 is used and g++ is at least 4.7.1.  I have not had a chance to
time this to see if any differences materialize.

The rest of the discussion seems somewhat irrelevant.  R is a hybrid system
which uses an interpreter as well as compiled code.  You think you should
make sure you code is actually constrained by the compiled portions before
going down all these roads.  


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