[R-sig-hpc] care to send me some big working example R on multiprocessor systems

Hao Yu hyu at stats.uwo.ca
Thu Mar 4 18:09:58 CET 2010

It works for me as well.

Deb: Can you check if Rmpi runs on its own (spawning slaves) before ppso?
If Rmpi is not setting properly on Windows, it will hang.

Melwin: Do you have more time consuming codes to share? Intel asks me to
provide some R codes to test their MPI against others under R. But my
codes are mostly related to simulation and overhead with MPI is minimum.


Melwin wrote:
> Hi Deb,
> PPSO in parallel mode should also run on a single processor, although you
> won't gain anything from that beyond just testing (in fact, I will be
> slower due to the overhead involved, unless your objective function takes
> long to evaluate without computational burden, e.g. due to extensive file
> i/o).
> Which Windows MPI-variant do you use (MPICHII or DeinoMPI)? I tested your
> code snippet successfully on Windows 2000/DeinoMPI/R-2.10.0. In any case,
> I recommend using optim_ppso_robust, which is more elaborated by now.
> Please let me know if you experience further problems.
> cheers,
> Melwin
> Am 04.03.2010, 00:50 Uhr, schrieb Debabrata Midya
> <Debabrata.Midya at services.nsw.gov.au>:
>> Melwin,
>> Thanks in advance.
>> I am using Windows XP and trying to use ppso especially the parallel
>> mode using Rmpi.
>> I have installed R-2.10.1, ppso_0.9-921.zip and Rmpi_0.5-9.zip.
>> I need your assistance to solve the problem below:
>>  1. Currently I have only 1 processor. Is it possible to use optim_ppso
>> or optim_ppso_robust on 1 processor?
>> 2. When I run:
>>         result = optim_ppso(objective_function=rastrigin_function,
>> nslaves=1, max_number_function_calls=200, projectfile=NULL,
>> logfile=NULL)     #standard version
>> The system hangs.
>> Once again thank you very much for the time you have given.
>> Regards,
>> Deb
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