[R-sig-hpc] Getting multithreaded R working (solution)

Stefan Theussl stefan.theussl at wu.ac.at
Thu Jul 29 23:46:22 CEST 2010

 > P.S. If anyone has *easy* instructions for getting atlas working as a
 > multithreaded library or how do drop in the Intel MKL (I couldn't
 > figure out which *.so would be the correct one) please let me know and
 > I'll post them as well.

I did get MKL working with R via the following trick:

1) export 

2) then configure with: 
"--with-blas=-L/opt/intel/intel-mkl-9.0.018/lib/em64t/ -lmkl -lguide 

Back then I used MKL version 9.0.018. I don't know if this still works 
with more recent MKL or R.


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