[R-sig-hpc] Rmpi on Mac OS X 10.5.8 dual core machine

Benilton Carvalho bcarvalh at jhsph.edu
Wed Nov 18 20:09:44 CET 2009


I decided to experiment with Rmpi on my dual core machine (Mac OS X  

So, I try the usual:


and let R "sit there"... I expected the R process to be idle, but for  
my surprise it uses, at least, 70% of CPU.

Is this an expected behavior? I'm currently assuming I'm missing  
something obvious.

Also, on a Mac OS X system, is Rmpi supposed to work without LAM?

Hao Yu's page makes me think it is a requirement, but, on my system,  
it found OpenMPI, so I didn't install LAM....



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