[R-gui] tcltk MDI

Peng Liu pliu3 at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Jul 14 19:52:11 CEST 2004

> Yes, that might be only official place about Tk MDI. Actually, I tried the
> example : "Internal Movable Windows". That reminds me of my Visual Baisc
> experience long time ago. Since we do not have existing sub-windows
> widgets, we may be able to draw them! I did that under Win3.1.
> However, the major difficulty for me is how to attach a "move" event to a
> widget, also a "resize" event, etc.
> Forgive me for that, I am a newbie to Tk. I combine your examples of
> Pull-Down Menus, Frames, plus a Label widget on toplevel(). Next I am
> trying to figure out how to move frames within the Label. (Cannot do it
> yet.)

I can move Label around now, but not very smoothly. Finally, I realize
that I won't be able to put a childwindows generated by plot() into a
widget. If it is possible, does it mean embedding GraphApp in Tk?

BTW, after modifying windlgs a little bit, I make it a childwindow. Hope
that I can make more progress on that. And I will appreciate it, if anyone
can tell me some related and more detailed references about those
extensions to GraphApp in R source.


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