[R-gui] tcltk MDI

Peng Liu pliu3 at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Jul 14 19:34:17 CEST 2004

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Vaidotas Zemlys wrote:

> Mixing different distribution packages could be bad idea. When there are some
> things missing from your desired package is a good idea to look in -dev
> packages. For example libpython2.2.so in Debian can be found in python2.2-dev
> package. Maybe there is something like that in Red Hat? Another way is to
> download source package (SRPM in Red Hat if I'm not mistaken) and build it
> with desirable options. This way you get the package with wanted options and
> you don't mess up your system.
> Vaidotas Zemlys

Hi Vaidotas,

You are right. It will dangerous for system maintenance. Any I once use my
own LinuxPC, so it does not to try something messy. I was using Mandrake,
and a lot of RedHat RPMs are compatible. Mandrake even once claimed that
their RPM 4.0 was compatible with all RedHat RPMs. But I am not sure the
other way around.


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