[R-sig-Geo] Spatial clusters with equal number of objects (2)

Marcelino de la Cruz Rot marcelino.delacruz at urjc.es
Tue Oct 31 12:16:34 CET 2017

Hello Maurizio,

If they are cells in a grid, they are already as much clustered as they 
could be ;-p.

Please, be more specific.



El 31/10/2017 a las 11:57, Maurizio Marchi escribió:
> Hello everybody,
> is there an easy way to cluster spatial objects (polygons in my case, a
> grid of 500mx500m cells) with an equal number of objects per cluster?
> I tried to attach an example of what I mean but I think the message was
> never delivered.
> Regards

Marcelino de la Cruz Rot
Depto. de Biología y Geología
Física y Química Inorgánica
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Móstoles España

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