[R-sig-Geo] spplot help, please

Marvin Sharma marvinsharma at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 21 03:29:11 CEST 2017

Hi,I wanted to plot the spplot of my model residuals. The plot works fine, but the state map does not appear. Code is given below and the data are attached. I would greatly appreciate any help in this.

library(spgwr)library(spdep)library(maps)library(maptools)data<-read.csv("try.csv",header=TRUE)coords=cbind(data$Longitude,data$Latitude)g.adapt.gauss <- gwr.sel(y~x, data,coords,adapt=TRUE)res.adpt <- gwr(y~x, data,coords, adapt=g.adapt.gauss)brks <- c(-0.25, 0, 0.01, 0.025, 0.075)cols <- grey(5:2/6)res.adpt$SDF$ols.e <- residuals(lm(y~x, data))spplot(res.adpt$SDF, c("ols.e","gwr.e"),main="Residuals")
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