[R-sig-Geo] Analysis of sub-districts border changes over time

Rami Krispin rami.krispin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 22:45:51 CET 2016

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to identify changes over time of sub-district in Andhra Pradesh
(a state in India). My data contains 4 shape file from a different period.
At 1981 there were 320 sub-dist and over time there were splits of the
state sub-dist which increase to 1128 at 2011.

I am trying to find how the border of each sub-dist change over time (stay
the same, increase, split etc.) using the centroids and area of each

Is there a way to compare between 2 shape files and to check how the
polygon change?

Also, does any one know how can I check whatever the centroid is
inside/outside the polygon area?

Thank you in advance,
Rami Krispin

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