[R-sig-Geo] Multiplying a raster object

Loïc Dutrieux loic.dutrieux at wur.nl
Wed Feb 24 13:56:17 CET 2016

On 02/23/2016 09:22 PM, Tadaishi Yatabe-Rodriguez wrote:
> Hi community,
> I have a raster object of a kernel density, where the linear unit is meter,
> and when I plot it it gives me very small density values (units per sq
> meter, I suppose). I figure that if I multiply it, say by a 1000, it will
> give density values in units per sq km.

I don't know much about kernel densities, but if you want to convert 
units/m^2 to units/km^2 you'd have to multiply by 1 000 000 instead of 
1000. Hope that helps explaining the incoherence in your results.

> It looks good on the legend, but I
> wonder: is this a correct thing to do? I wonder this because when I add the
> values of the raster it does not add up to the number of points in my
> original ppp object from which I created the density.
> Thanks,
> Tada

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