[R-sig-Geo] Is there any way to work with non-normal data for Ordinary kriging analysis without doing any kind of data transformation using gstat package?

Uzzal uzzal at gist.ac.kr
Wed Feb 3 11:37:38 CET 2016

I have a dataset contains hourly PM10 concentrations for 90 days of 83 sites. My data is not in normal distribution. But I don't want to log-transfer or any other transfer of this data for variogram plotiing as well as ordinary kriging analysis.  Is there any way to deal with non-normal data for kriging analysis in stead of log or any transformation in gstat? If I use 'cressie = TRUE' in 'variogram' functionin gstat in case of working with non-normal data then is it equvalent to work with the data with normal distribution? code :library(gstat)
seoul050506_varcressie = TRUE) Orpheus

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