[R-sig-Geo] mapView: basic interactive viewing of spatial data in R

Tim Appelhans tim.appelhans at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 13:05:17 CEST 2015

Dear list,
after some really good discussions and good feedback at Geostat 2015 
summer school in Lancaster (Many thanks to Tom, Barry, Edzer, Roger and 
all the others for inviting me), I have now ported the mapView code into 
its own package called mapview (mind the small 'v'!)

The package can be found at


and can be installed using library(devtools)


Any suggestions, bug reports or feature requests should be filed here



On 24.07.2015 12:03, Rainer M Krug wrote:
> Tim Appelhans <tim.appelhans at gmail.com> writes:
>> Dear list members,
>> I would like to draw your attention to a little 'project' I've been
>> working on over the past few weeks.
>> Using leaflet for R, I have defined some methods for spatial data (e.g.
>> Raster*, Spatial* objects) to quickly visualise them in either the
>> RStudio Viewer pan or the default web browser. The function I created
>> for this is called mapView().
>> Think of it as an interactive version of spplot()/plot() for spatial
>> data (though less versatile). It enables zooming, paning and basic layer
>> queries (i.e. printing of the attributes in the @data slot of Spatial*
>> objects + the x/y location of the feature). For Raster* objects queries
>> are currently not available as leaflet translates the data into RGB
>> values for display. Furthermore, background maps can be defined and
>> multiple different spatial object layers can be overlaid.
>> At the moment mapView() lives in our Rsenal package on github
>> (https://github.com/environmentalinformatics-marburg/Rsenal) but this is
>> likely going to change at some point in the not too distant future. This
>> also depends on whether there is active interest in developping this
>> sort of thing further to provide more than the current admittedly rather
>> limited functionality. This, however, would involve JavaScript coding
>> which I do not have any experience with.
>> A quick (non-interactive) intorduction can be found here:
>> https://metvurst.wordpress.com/
>> The full introductory article including interactive examples is
>> published here:
>> http://environmentalinformatics-marburg.github.io/web-presentations/20150723_mapView.html
>> I hope this may prove useful for some of you.
> This looks like something I was really missing! I was always exporting
> my spatial data into GRASS and viewing it there - but this looks really
> brilliant! This makes out of R a very powerful command line GIS.
> I would really like to see this functionality in a separate R package on
> CRAN - even with only its current functionality, it is very useful!
> Thanks a lot and keep us posted,
> Rainer
>> Also, if anyone is keen to get involved in taking this further, please
>> let me know and we will see how to best proceed.
>> Best,
>> Tim

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