[R-sig-Geo] question about nb2listw row standardization

Mueller,Drew Drew.Mueller at colostate.edu
Tue Aug 4 17:14:52 CEST 2015

I was hoping for a clarification on the row standardization of nb2listw.  I have implemented a nb list based on distance, and a function

dlist <- nbdists(col.gal.nb, coords)
dlist <- lapply(dlist, function(x) 1/x)

my question is, if I call

Wa <- nb2listw(x, glist = dlist, style = "W")
Wb <- nb2listw(x, glist = dlist, stlye = "B")

is Wa then row standardized based on inverse distance or does the glist override this and I get actual undstandardized inverse distance weights?  Also, would Wb actually be binary, or does the glist argument override this to make the weights 1/x instead of 1's and 0's?  If my goal is to maintain the actual inverse distance weight without standardization (for better economic interpretation), does Wb give me an unstandardized W, or do I need to call a different function to avoid row standardization?  If my goal IS to row standardize a weights matrix with weights based on inverse distance, then is Wa the correct function call?  Mainly I was having trouble interpreting the help file for nb2listw as to whether style = "B"  always creates 1's and 0's regardless of what glist is set to.  Thanks


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