[R-sig-Geo] spplot grid data - scale colours customizing

pierluigi de rosa pierluigi.derosa at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 09:41:11 CEST 2015

Dear All,

I'm trying to understand how spplot work with colour managing with gridded

I have na Object of class SpatialGridDataFrame
      min     max
x 2267600 2325600
y 4693800 4826200
Is projected: TRUE
proj4string :

with 12 data for column attribute

I'm able to plot the SpatialGridDataFrame with:

spplot(fogli_Sup_Pioggia,as.table=TRUE, col.regions = cm.colors(100) ,
key.space = "right")

but I want to select where change in colour appears and not leave spplot to
do it by it self.
I tried passing cuts option in this way:

spplot(fogli_Sup_Pioggia,as.table=TRUE, col.regions = cm.colors(100) ,
cuts=c(1,2.5,3),key.space = "right")

It seems working but now the colour is not graduated any more but.
How can I have a graduated palette again?

Ing. Pierluigi De Rosa (PhD)
cel: 3497558268 / fax: 075 7823038
skype: pierluigi.derosa

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