[R-sig-Geo] Spatial and multilevel model with kriging/interpolation in R

Justice Moses K. Aheto justiceaheto at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 25 21:40:38 CEST 2014

Hello Thierry and Frede,
Many thanks for your assistance and I do appreciate it very much and I will have a look at inla as suggested.
Frede, I know how to fit the model in nlme package using lme but the major problem is how to use the model in lme for kriging and interpolation for on a grid/mesh. The model I fitted in lme last week Monday is shown below: 

m1 <- lme(haz2 ~m5newf+v445new+hw1new+v012+v190newf+b0new+v481new+m18new, random = ~ 1|hhid, method="ML",data = d1) # Multilevel model (no spatial component)
plot(Variogram(m1,form=~x+y)) # Plotting the variogram from the above model

# Updating my model with spatial autocorrelation using Gaussian spatial correlation. I have tried Gaussian,exponential and spherical spatial correlation and the Gaussian fits my data better (shown below): 

spg <- update(m1, correlation = corGaus(value=c(2000,0.6),form = ~ x+ y,nugget=T)) # initial values for range and nugget effects are 2000 and 0.6 respectively. 
plot(Variogram(spg,form=~x+y)) # Plotting the variogram 

>From here, I need to use the spatial model above (spg) to do the kriging/interpolation on a grid (mesh) to be obtained from my data and I struggling to find my way out of it as of last week Monday 15th Sept.
The size of my data is too large if not I would have attached it for the purpose of reproducibility. 
I will definitely have a look also at INLA as suggested and I am looking forward to more suggestions. 
Many thanks to you All. 
Kind regards

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