[R-sig-Geo] Spatial and multilevel model with kriging/interpolation in R

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As Thierry points out INLA is certainly one way to go. Very powerful. For some inspiration see the tutorials and example on the INLA web site. Perhaps the geostatinla package for R (http://pbrown.ca/geostatsp/document-rev.pdf) can be of use for you. Also the section on geoadditive models in http://www.rni.helsinki.fi/~jmh/mrf08/R-INLA.pdf may give you some ideas.

The nlme package for R can fit the same kind of models, see e.g. http://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/r/faq/spatial_regression.htm. 

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> Have a look at the INLA package (www.r-inla.org)
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> Onderwerp: [R-sig-Geo] Spatial and multilevel model with
> kriging/interpolation in R
> Dear All,
> Please, I wish to analyse a spatial data in R through multilevel approach with
> my main primary objective been to interpolate for unsampled locations in my
> study region. Children in my data set are nested within households in the
> study locations and my multilevel model (without spatial) showed significant
> household random effects hence my choice to employ spatial analysis with
> multilevel approach.
> The need to include household random effects in my spatial model makes it a
> bit difficult for me to implement in R unlike the standard geostatical analysis.
> I have 'SpatialPointsDataFrame' containing my geographical coordinates
> (longitude and latitude) as well as my response and covariates.
> The spatial mixed effects model I wish to fit and interpolate is: Yij(t) = Xij(t)β
> +hj+S(t)+Ɛij           (1)
> where
> i=individual child, j=household, X(t)= spatial referenced non-random
> covariates, S(t)= spatially correlated stationary Gaussian process.
> Ɛij =nugget effect/measurement error, Yij(t) = response of child i in
> household j at location t and is a continuous variable, hj =household level
> random effects and β=regression coefficients (spatial trend parameter).
> Specifically, S(t)~N(0,σ2H11(ɸ) ), where σ2  is the variance (partial sill),
> H11(ɸ) is the correlation matrix based on valid correlation function h(u; ɸ),
> where u is the distance between locations and ɸ is the correlation parameter
> (range).
> hj~N(0, σ2h), where σ2h is the household level variance Ɛij~N(0,τ2), where
> τ2 is the nugget effect/measurement error.
> I am trying to achieve the above task through geostatistical analysis but other
> methods which can be implemented in R are also welcomed.
> Please, could somebody help me with some papers in the literature, existing
> packages in R which are related to my problem as well as providing me with R
> codes to implement this assuming someone has already done this kind of
> multilevel spatial regression and interpolation in R or other packages.
> Many thanks for your help in advance.
> Kind regards
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