[R-sig-Geo] Error gbif function in dismo package

Thomas, Evert (Bioversity-Colombia) E.Thomas at CGIAR.ORG
Sun Mar 30 20:10:26 CEST 2014

Dear all

I am trying to use the gbif function from dismo package, but there seems to be a problem; this is what I get with the example from the vignette of dismo package...

gbif("solanum", "acaule*", geo=FALSE)

solanum acaule* : 2166 occurrences found
1-1000No such file or directoryfailed to load external entity "http://data.gbif.org/ws/rest/occurrence/list?scientificname=solanum+acaule*&mode=processed&format=darwin&startindex=0&maxresults=1000"
Error : 1: No such file or directory2: failed to load external entity http://data.gbif.org/ws/rest/occurrence/list?scientificname=solanum+acaule*&mode=processed&format=darwin&startindex=0&maxresults=1000

Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? 

Many thanks in advance!


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