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Sorry, it is my fault. I'm new to this mailing list. Thanks for all the helpful 
suggestions said in a very elegant way.

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>On 09/07/2013 02:14 PM, r_sig_geo at libero.it wrote:
>> Any suggestions?
>1. don't ask questions on this mailing list without revealing your
>identity and affiliation,
>2. don't expect people to answer within 24 hours and/or in weekends,
>3. don't simply repost your questions to the nearly 3000 list members,
>but rather try to improve your question in case of no response after,
>say, a week without response. See also
>https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-sig-geo/2013-September/019254.html .
>>> Hi to all. My problem is to force a Kriging prediction to
>>> "honour" original data. This
>> is
>>> because I need to interpolate values that represent the Bayesian
>>> probability that a particular event occurs. For Instance, If for
>>> a locality I computed a probability = 1, or p=0.6, I need to
>>> possibly keep unchanged these values
>> after
>>> the interpolation. I  know this is a stretch  according to what
>>> Kriging
>> really
>>> does. As I need to perform interpolation automatically, I'm using
>>> package "intamap" that is great! I found the function
>>> "unbiasedKrige" that should perform , if I understood well,
>>> exactly what  I need. Unfortunately, I find
>> out
>>> that even by using this function (both using MOK and IWQSEL,
>>> tested many
>> times
>>> with different parameters) the predicted values are still too far
>>> from
>> original
>>> data at the same locations. What can you suggest me? Thanks.
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