[R-sig-Geo] R: Intamap and "honoring" original data

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Sat Sep 7 14:14:55 CEST 2013

Any suggestions?

>Hi to all.
>My problem is to force a Kriging prediction to "honour" original data. This 
>because I need to interpolate values that represent the Bayesian probability 
>that a particular event occurs. For Instance, If for a locality I computed a 
>probability = 1, or p=0.6, I need to possibly keep unchanged these values 
>the interpolation. I  know this is a stretch  according to what Kriging 
>does. As I need to perform interpolation automatically, I'm using package 
>"intamap" that is great! I found the function "unbiasedKrige" that should 
>perform , if I understood well, exactly what  I need. Unfortunately, I find 
>that even by using this function (both using MOK and IWQSEL, tested many 
>with different parameters) the predicted values are still too far from 
>data at the same locations. What can you suggest me? Thanks.
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