[R-sig-Geo] rsaga multi.local.function

Alexander Brenning brenning at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Feb 27 23:21:46 CET 2012

Hi Chuck,

the error message suggests that the function unsuccessfully tries to 
write a character string into the output file. Are you applying 
randomforest to a classification problem or a regression problem? If 
classification, are you predicting probabilities of class membership, or 
classes (i.e. class labels, which are then converted to character string).

Is it possible that the latter is the case (maybe accidentally)? The 
'fun' argument to multi.local.function and related functions currently 
has to return numeric values (single values or vector), although it 
should be fairly easy to allow character strings as well (but I'm not 
sure if that would still be a valid ASCII grid file format).

What puzzles me is that multi.focal.function with radius=0 will work 
(slowly), as you mentioned in the user forum on sourceforge.


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