[R-sig-Geo] geoR: krigeing, predict on other coordinates with a parametric trend

Sara Kleyer sara.kleyer at uni-bamberg.de
Wed Sep 14 15:03:51 CEST 2011

Dear list,

there are two datasets: the data "geo" is a geodata-set including, 
"data", covariates and coordinates. The second dataset "fehlcord" is a 
dataset including 2 columns for the coordinates and additional columns 
for covariates.

I want to use kriging.conv to estimate on the "geo"-dataset and predict 
on the locations of the "fehlcord" dataset. Additionally, I want to use 
the covariates for a parametric trend.
This is the syntax I use:
#definition of the trend, I am interested in:
trend1<-trend.spatial("1st", geo,  
#estimate the model
neu<-likfit(geo, coords=geo$coords, data=geo$data, 
ini.cov.pars=c(50,9),trend=trend )
kri.set<-krige.control(type.krige="ok", trend.d=~trend1, 
trend.l=~trend1, obj.model=neu)
#predict on the other dataset
schatz<-krige.conv(geo, locations=fehlcord, krige=kri.set)

R returns, that there is a mistake because:
"in krige.conv(geo, locations = fehlcord, krige = kri.set) :
   locations and trend.l have incompatible sizes"

and in addition:
"In .check.locations(locations) :
   locations provided with a matrix or data-frame with more than 2 
columns. Only the first two columns used as coordinates"

I also tried to define "trend.l" by the dataset "fehlcord" but it did 
not work, too.

How can I predict on new coordinates and use a parametric trend on the 

Thanks a lot for your help!


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