[R-sig-Geo] AGU Session dedicated to R: R's Emerging Environmental Modeling Community

Daniel Fuka drf28 at cornell.edu
Sun Jul 24 04:50:04 CEST 2011


The American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting,  Dec. 5-9, San
Francisco, CA, USA, will have a dedicated session this year. I am
sorry for cross-posting, but for the session we are looking to have R
users and modelers in all fields loosely related to "Environmental
Modeling" feel free to join us. If you think this might be of
interest, please feel free to contact me directly outside of the R
mailing lists or submit an abstract by August 4th. Session link and
description are found below.

Daniel Fuka

H57: R's Emerging Environmental Modeling Community

Sponsors: Hydrology (H), Atmospheric Sciences (A), Biogeosciences (B),
Earth and Space Science Informatics (IN)
Most environmental modeling efforts rely on a dedicated, centralized,
core group of developers. However, a unique, decentralized community
of environmental modelers appears to be organically evolving within
the R-project. R is an open-source programming language that has grown
into something like a combination of S, MATLAB(Reg), GIS, and Python.
One aspect of the R-project that lends itself to community modeling is
a well-managed system for developing sharable code packages (R-Forge)
and archiving them (CRAN). Recent contributions to R-Forge/CRAN
include a suite of hydrological modeling tools, functions, and
complete watershed models (e.g., TOPMODEL). This session invites
R-modelers to share their projects and ideas about community modeling.

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