[R-sig-Geo] spacetime: remove NAs from STSDF object

Christian Kamenik christian.kamenik at giub.unibe.ch
Mon Aug 22 17:49:40 CEST 2011

Dear all,

I have observations in space and time with quite a lot of missing values 
that I want to arrange in a space-time sparse data-frame object (STSDF 
from package 'spacetime'). For simplicity, I first created a 
spatio-temporal full grid data frame (which I call my.STFDF) that 
included all the missing observations. Then I did the following:

my.STSDF <- as(my.STFDF, "STSDF")
slot(my.STSDF,'index') <- 
slot(my.STSDF,'data') <- 

This is the first time I try the spacetime package, and I was wondering 
if the code above would be an appropriate way of dealing with STFDF and 
STSDF objects.

Many thanks in advance, Christian


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