[R-sig-Geo] [R] Spatstat: tessellation problems.

Adrian.Baddeley at csiro.au Adrian.Baddeley at csiro.au
Thu Oct 21 07:07:33 CEST 2010

Hello all

This is a bug (related to changes in the handling of factors in R)
It will be fixed in the next version of spatstat (1.20-4) which will be released shortly

Adrian Baddeley

Neba Funwi-Gabga <fusigabsmail at gmail.com> writes:

> I am trying to do a quadrat count defined by covariate properties in
> spatstat. I have read my elevation raster into R (from ascii) and converted
> to class "im" for use in spatstat.
> I have also created a tessellation of the elevation image into 4 categories
> as follows:

>> >elev.cut<-cut(elevation.im, breaks=elev.quantiles, 
>>   labels=c("Very low","Low","High","Very High"))
>> >elev.tess<-tess(image=elev.cut)

> I would like to do a quadrat count to know how many points lie in each of
> the elevation categories I have created, and as far as I know, this function
> should give that:

>>  >elev.quad.count<-quadratcount(points, tess=elev.tess)

> But when I do this, I get a warning message saying:

> Warning message:
> In quadratcount.ppp(points, tess = aspect.tess) :
>   Tessellation does not contain all the points of X

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