[R-sig-Geo] Step characteristics on raster maps (Mathieu Basille)

Mathieu Basille basille at ase-research.org
Sun Oct 3 17:59:53 CEST 2010

Dear Arnaud,

This is actually on my todo list, a test with the polygon approach, 
although I'm not sure how to start to "polygonize" the segments... But 
in the end, that would allow a performance comparison with different 
approaches (and that would also allow the calculation of the 
characteristics of buffers around the segments, which might be 
interesting for us, too).

Thanks for the suggestion,

Le 03/10/2010 10:04, Arnaud Mosnier a écrit :
> Hi Mathieu,
> An easy workaround could be to convert each segment to a polygon doing a
> very small buffer around each segment then use the overlay method to
> obtain info in each of these polygon.
> Arnaud


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