[R-sig-Geo] maximum likelihood variogram parameter estimation, non-Euclidian distances

Timothy W. Hilton hilton at meteo.psu.edu
Thu Jul 15 01:24:55 CEST 2010

Hello R-sig-Geo list,

I want to calculate maximum likelihood estimations for variogram
parameters (sill, range).  My data locations span North America, thus I
believe that UTM coordinates (or any other projection) will distort
distances between sites too much for me to use Euclidian coordinates.

As far as I can tell, geoR will not accept non-Euclidian coordinates or
allow the user to specify a distance function.  gstat accepts latitude
and longitude to define locations, but does not include maximum
likelihood estimation for the range (fit.variogram.reml estimates sill

Is anyone aware of an R geostats package that handles my situation?

Many thanks!


Timothy W. Hilton
PhD Candidate, Department of Meteorology
The Pennsylvania State University
503 Walker Building, University Park, PA   16802
hilton at meteo.psu.edu

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