[R-sig-Geo] [R] Drawing Maps of detailed Australian regions

Jim Lemon jim at bitwrit.com.au
Fri Dec 17 10:36:32 CET 2010

On 12/16/2010 07:52 PM, Jim Lemon wrote:
> ...
> just for the heck of it and _then_ I was able to install rgdal. I'm
> using Fedora 12 and R-2.10.1 if anyone else out there is having the same
> problem(s).
Hi again,
No, it didn't work. Although the rgdal package was installed, when I 
tried to load it:

 > library(rgdal)
Loading required package: sp
Error in dyn.load(file, DLLpath = DLLpath, ...) :
   unable to load shared library 
   libgdal.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Error: package/namespace load failed for 'rgdal'

but when I looked:

  ls -l /usr/local/lib/R/library/rgdal/libs/rgdal.so
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 261049 2010-12-16 19:42 

there it was. Back to the drawing board.


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